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The Experience

Cinema meets cuisine in a delicious new way.

Movies. Meals. Margaritas. These are all things you may be familiar with, but get ready to be re-acquainted. Because Movie Tavern is revolutionizing the way America experiences eating, drinking, and cinema. We’re doing it by providing a robust, in-theater dining service featuring chef-driven menus, premium quality food and drink and luxurious seating that completely transforms your movie going experience.

Whether you’re looking to spend your date night, family night or girls’ night out here, you’ll get the premium, affordable experience you’re looking for.


Original Counter Service Locations

Original Locations (Movie Tavern Ridgmar & Movie Tavern Northlake Festival) blend the traditional movie-going experience with the variety of a cinema eatery.  Order your meal and drinks in the lobby, and your selections will be brought to you at your seat.  A wide range of food and alcohol are available.

Premier Full Service Locations

Premier Full Service Locations (All Movie Taverns excluding Ridgmar & Northlake Festival) feature full in-theater food and beverage service.  Here are a few tips to help you enjoy these locations…

By the request of the studio, no passes will be accepted for DEADPOOL 2 from Thursday, May 17 through Sunday, May 27. This includes but is not limited to Courtesy Passes, Backstage Passes or Annual Passes.