Events FAQ's

When I submitted for a proposal, I estimated a start time. How will I know what time the film starts?

Exact Showtimes are published on Tuesday of every week. Event Managers will do their best to find a ShowTimes close to your request but Showtimes are not guaranteed. Advanced day screenings are the exception to the rule as tickets will go on sale a month prior to opening weekend.

How will I know what movies are playing on the date I chose?

Your Sales Manager has a tentative list of film release dates.

Can I change the date if there is not a kid’s film out at the time of my Birthday Party?

Movie Tavern typically has a kids film available.


Am I allowed to choose the seats I would like to sit in for my event?

Your Event Planner will do their best to accommodate your seating requests. Your event will be consigned to the best available seats.

Can I bring a cake from a bakery?

You are more than welcome to bring an outside cake or cupcakes. Please do not bring ice cream, ice cream cake or any other outside food and beverage items.

How may I decorate for my child’s birthday?

Please feel free to bring in your own decorations. Movie Tavern asks that you do not take balloons into the auditorium. You may decorate tables in the lobby area for your guests.


How do I send out invitations if I do not know the exact film start time?

Send out a Save the Date with a general time slot and update your guests with the exact time the week of the event.


I would like to pay for the children’s food only at my Birthday Party. Can the parents pay for their own?

Kid’s meals include entrée, side and beverage for $8.95 and all children’s meals must go on the host bill. You may host the adult’s food or they may pay on their own individual tab. If they are paying their own individual tabs, you will see a food and beverage minimum line item on your proposal. Your minimum must be achieved or you will be responsible for the difference.


Are kid’s movie tickets and adult movie tickets the same price?

No, if it is a matinee which is any film that starts before 5:30pm the price is the same for children and adults. If the film starts after 5:30pm there is an adult price and a child’s ticket price.

When do I have to submit my final guarantee?

Final guest count is due (5) business days prior to the event date submitted by email to your Event Manager. If a guarantee is not received, it is assumed that the guest count on the approved proposal is the final count and seats will be assigned for that number of guests. It is not guaranteed that any additional seats will be available after the final guarantee is submitted.

Do you have a private party room for cake and presents?

Not all of our Movie Tavern locations offer a party room. Please ask your event planner if the location in question offers this amenity.

I would just like to purchase movie tickets for the children attending the event, can the parents of the children purchase their own movie tickets day of the event?

Yes, other guest may be added day of the event and pay separately or be added to the hosts check. However, we cannot guarantee there will be seats available or that the added guests will have seats near or with the previously consigned seats.

What do I do when we arrive at the theater the day of the event?

When you arrive at the theater bypass the ticket counter and go directly to the hostess stand. Let the host/hostess know the name of your event (example: Christy’s 7th Birthday Bash) and you will be shown to your theater. Inform your guests that will be attending to do the same.

I paid my deposit the day I scheduled my event. When is the remaining balance due?

The remaining balance is due (5) business days prior to the event when the final guarantee is submitted. Any additional items ordered outside of the contract will be due day of the event.


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